About our Company

Christopher Gabriel

is a co-founder of remodelinglab.com and has been in the digital marketing business for over 10 years. Helping small business owners achieve success online is Christopher's truest passion, with the completion of each unique project offering it's own special reward.

Whether it's creating an online convention to build awareness for a renowned non-profit organization, or providing a practical web solution to a local pastor, Christopher has taken action to work with a wide array of industries and project sizes. This broad experience and tireless drive to help others succeed are two of the cornerstones that helped lay the foundation for remodelinglab.com

Samantha Gabriel

is a co-founder of remodelinglab.com and has been involved in the construction business since childhood. Samantha's father owns a well-respected construction company that has been in business for nearly 25 years, and her role in his company has been ever-growing.

It wasn't long before curious onlooking turned into a real desire to help dad out. Samantha went from watching and learning as a young child, to becoming a hard-working teen helping her father and his crews build and remodel homes. Her father's passion for turning customers' dreams into a reality while working with family became Samantha's passion as well.

As Samantha matured she was given the opportunity to handle bigger responsibilities, eventually earning the full trust of her father to manage the operations of the family business. This deep appreciation for family owned businesses and respect for all of the hard work that goes into the construction industry are two more cornerstones that helped pave the way for remodelinglab.com

Digital Solutions for Contractors - Remodeling Lab

Our business was founded on the core values of both Christopher and Samantha, and the entire team here at remodelinglab.com takes pride in being able to help turn their visions into reality by exceeding all of our client's expectations. We are a full service digital marketing company that specializes in web development, search engine optimization, and the installation of virtual solutions. Our interactive tools are designed to improve the user experience for your customers while simultaneously raising awareness for your brand and boosting your conversion rate.


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