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More than 65% of all search engine inquiries are now conducted on a mobile device, and this number continues to grow at an alarming rate. Traffic has been trending this way for years due in large part to the emergence of smart phones, and it has finally gotten to the point where mobile users actually dominate the landscape of the worldwideweb. Most websites are incompatible on smaller devices and force both frustrating user experiences and a very high bounce rate. Because of these trends, Google has revised it's algorithm so that it prioritizes sites that are compliant with it's mobile optimization and page speed tests. This was done to create a consistant and positive experience for the emerging "mobile" web trafficker.

Our Platform takes advantage of all this by incorporating compliance checkmarks and search engine bonuses from Google into the backbone of every single website that we create. Truly on the cutting edge, we have also mastered Google's new AMP technology and design each site with a custom AMP page that further catapults our user's sites to the top of the SERP for valuable mobile keywords. With less than 1% of websites adhering to all of these essential guidelines, there is truly an "elite tier" category of website now -- and we can make it for you! But that's just getting started ... because after you capture all of this newfound traffic, it's time to funnel them into a highly converting landing page and turn your browsers into prospects.

This is where our platform truly shines; as each of our sites have a custom virtual kitchen link installed onto the AMP landing page. This virtual kitchen turns browsers into prospects as they engage in the design process of their remodeling project directly on your website.

These prospects build a sense of ownership and personal commitment to their color schemes or design layouts, and YOUR branding is only reinforced more when they click "print page" -- this is because the virtual kitchen is color-branded to your liking and even showcases your company logo and information. We can even feature a picture of your friendly project manager directly onto the virtual kitchen page if requested!

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